Hip Hop music has been the main genre in the last 3 years in music and that’s very good for what was considered as “dead and buried”. Along the line came Kienan Forbes, better known as AKA, he blazed his way in our ears and was crowned the “prince of SA Hip Hop”. I never heard his album being certified though.

Listening is good, well balanced rapper and is full of himself. He also has the buzz going on and ‘Jealousy’ is very hot. But what I found in is that he’s not bringing in something new in the game. Like I said earlier, he’s full of himself and not making space for everyone to enjoy his music. It’s like putting the same song on repeat but with different instrumentals. Rappers like Drake, Eminem and Jay Z are extremely successful because they know when to change and when to be constant. They never bore us.

I feel that AKA has the potential to be great but he needs to expand lyrically and be close with Kuli Chana, Pro and Proverb. Those are major rappers in South Africa.

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